Trauma and Loss Therapy in

Trauma, loss and grief can be devastating. If you live in Calabasas and experience anxiety, despondency and emptiness you may need a licensed therapist to help work through these conditions.

You may be feeling numbness, avoidance, a loss of emotions, difficulty concentrating, insomnia and an exaggerated sense of alertness. Trauma related stress can affect you by giving you nightmares or flashbacks of the event, dramatic changes in appetite, fear, guilt, depression, feeling overwhelmed, a sense of doom, feeling on edge, withdrawal, and alcohol or drug dependency.

Calabasas residents who are experiencing these symptoms related to trauma, loss and grief should call Alice Dollinger, licensed therapist to set up an appointment to help alleviate and resolve these difficult issues. If you live in the Calabasas area call 818-990-3334 to speak with Alice and set up your appointment.