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Finding Lasting Love

Why is a loving relationship so hard to find and if found, to keep alive?  Do you find yourself asking, is love supposed to be so painful? Did I find Mr. Right or did I end up with Mr. wrong, again?  Are you wondering how to stop repeating old patterns while hoping for a different outcome?


These are some suggestions to consider the next time you try to evaluate the situation your in or about to dive into.

  1. Be aware of the red flag suggesting that this is a familiar old pattern
  2. Don’t say yes when you mean no
  3. Being selective is alright settling is not
  4. Chemistry is important but not enough to sustain a long term relationship
  5. Do we share the same values?
  6. Disagreeing is O.K., name calling is not
  7. Allowing space for differences in a relationship is very grown up
  8. Remember that some things cannot be taken back once said aloud
  9. Listening and being listen to is invaluable
  10. Honesty does not include meanness. 

Now go out and observe your behavior, make the changes that fit for you and see how good life can be when you find Mr. Right for real!

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