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Post-Traumatic Stress


The symptoms of trauma, loss or grief can be debilitating. Feelings of despondency, anxiety, and emptiness are not unusual. One may even feel a loss of emotions, numbness or a sense of avoidance, avoiding all thoughts or feelings related to the trauma, loss or grief. It is also a possibility to experience difficulty concentrating, and sleeping because of an exaggerated sense of wariness.

Symptoms of trauma related stress can be recurring thoughts or dreams/nightmares about the event, flashbacks of the event, insomnia, loss in appetite, increase of appetite, anxiety and fear, feeling on edge, guilt, depression, low energy, memory problems, feeling unfocused, feeling overwhelmed, unexplained anger or suspicion, a sense of doom, withdrawing, crying spontaneously, alcohol and drug dependency, and feeling protective.

If you have any or all of these symptoms related to trauma, loss and grief then you may want to consider getting a qualified licensed therapist to help alleviate and resolve them. A therapist is able to recognize the signs of unresolved grief and mourning. Some signs of unresolved issues are severe depression, hypochondria, alcohol or drug dependency, and inhibited or absent grieving.

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