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Video Counseling

For a multitude of reasons, in-person therapy sessions may not be your best option. Perhaps you have schedule conflicts that prevent you from finding a good time to come in, or perhaps you simply live too far away from my office. Whatever the case may be, I have years of Counseling experience which translate well to any platform, including video calls.


Video Counseling Sessions can be arranged and attended from the comfort of your home, through a medium of your choice, including but not limited to Skype and Face time. From Relationship Counseling to Counseling for important life transitions, any of the services listed on my website are also available as Video Counseling Services. A good session will have all the benefits of traditional Counseling while saving your time. If you’d like further details about the kinds of Counseling I offer, please refer to the sidebar or contact me via email or phone call.


An internet-capable device is required, and it is recommended that the call be carried out in a private area to allow for smooth communication. For those with questionable wireless connections, a wired Ethernet connection may be helpful, but is not required.


Don’t let external factors out of your control prevent you from jump starting positive change in your life! Give me a call at (818) 990-3009 to find out if Online Counseling is right for you. If at any time you have questions about the process or about setting up a Counseling Session, feel free to email me at ally62643@aol.com and I will respond promptly.

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