Alice Dollinger

Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT.

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Alice Dollinger, MFT, is a highly experienced Relationship Therapist providing individual, marriage and EMDR therapy in the San Fernando Valley.

My job as a therapist is to help clarify issues and determine causes while suggesting rational solutions.  I work in an interactive back and forth manner allowing the client to be heard as well as receiving my input and feedback”, according to Alice this interactive approach brings unconscious behavior to full awareness so change can take place.  The client is then able to stop unwanted repetitive patterns of behavior and take control of their life. Alice Dollinger has been practicing EMDR therapy for over 25 years and has helped clients overcome traumatic experiences that have haunted and controlled their lives.  According to Alice,“EMDR can put the past where it belongs, in the past.”

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Take Your First Step Towards Change

  1. Learn clear communication skills
  2. Active listening
  3. Express feelings in a productive way
  4. Problem-solving without fighting
  5. Strive for a mutually supportive and forgiving relationship

Why Do I Keep Repeating Old Patterns Looking For A New Outcome?

Learn to make conscious choices rather than repeating the same old repetitive behavior hoping for a new outcome.

Credentails & Contacts

Alice’s goal is to help her client’s learn to make conscious choices rather than repeating the same old behavior and expecting a different outcome.


Years in Practice: 20+ Years
School: Philips Graduate Institute
Year Graduate: 1989
License and State: MFC30340 California


Cost Per Session: $150 
Accepted Insurance Plans: All PPO’s

Phone and Video Counseling

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