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Couples therapy Tarzana residents can help couples work through any difficulties that are arising from life crises such as unemployment, financial difficulties, medical conditions, life changes, fear, anger, frustration, exhaustion and others. By working with a therapist, you will learn the skills you need to solidify your relationship, such as better, open communication, problem solving, and discussing differences while being able to analyze the positive and negative aspects to your relationship. While speaking to a marriage counselor about your problems may not be easy, but they offer an objective perspective, so they can act as a mediator to help you deal with the emotions and turmoil. If you are experiencing relationship problems and your partner refuses to attend counseling sessions, you can attend on your own, although it will be a bigger challenge to overcome the problems.

If you are going through problems in your relationship that are bigger than you can handle or is driving you and your partner apart, seeing a couples counselor could help you to overcome your issues by working it out, ultimately salvaging a relationship that was quickly falling to pieces.

There are many kinds of problems that couples deal with but when they become more severe, outside help may be needed to bring an objective point of view to the couple. Emotions and other subjective feelings can distort the way people see things, so having an outside perspective is important to see the problem as it really exists.

When couples find themselves in relationships where they aren’t talking to each other, they are likely facing communication problems. In other relationships they are talking, but everything they say is negative, including the tone of the conversation; it isn’t what’s said, but how it’s said. Even further down the spectrum, some partners are afraid to talk or bring up issues. By seeing a relationship counselor, you can learn ways to help facilitate communication with each other. In a relationship in which a partner withholds affection as a form of punishment, there is a lack of balance between the couple.

When you are in a relationship, it should be like you and your partner are on the same team, working for the group goals; if it feels like your partner is an antagonist or a part of the opposite team, working against you, it is a sign that your relationship is falling apart and needs work. If you find either you or your partner keeping secrets from each other, there are some large issues causing your relationship to be dysfunctional. Everyone has a right to privacy, but there should be no secrets in a relationship.

Many relationships struggle due to infidelity, which also includes contemplating about having an affair, as having the fantasy of doing so shows that you desire something that you do not currently have available. It is not easy to save a relationship in which a partner has had an affair, but it is a possibility with commitment to therapy sessions. Financial infidelity is another issue that plaguing relationships, as it can cause even more damage than a sexual affair. Everyone has the right to know about their own financial matters, so for a spouse or partner to keep the other in the dark about their own finances is unhealthy behavior in a relationship.

It is not easy getting somebody to change, and in reality, the only person you can change is yourself, so if you feel like your relationship would be good if your partner made some changes, coaching sessions may be recommended to help you both to get a better understanding of who you are as a person and what you want, in order to overcome clashing between your personalities. If your relationship with your partner feels like different like you are more like roommates than a couple, it might be a signal for help, as a lack of important communication, intimacy, and conversation are warnings that something is missing in the relationship.

If there are significant changes to your sex life in your relationship, it may be indicating that something is not right. While it is not uncommon for sex to slow down in relationships after some time, there is likely an issue if you stop having sex, or if there is an unusual increase, as it may be one partner attempting to make up for something they feel bad about. As we each hold different opinions and perspectives, many couples run into the same kind of issues over and over, and even the little things start getting to become trigger behaviors.

Seeing a marriage or relationship counselor can help to understand the reasons why these arguments keep occurring and a way to find out what can be done to fix it. Each relationship has ongoing issues, including different views, incompatible sex drives, or other conflicts, which feel difficult, and even impossible, to overcome, but through counseling sessions, reaching a reasonable resolution is possible if both partners are committed to learning to understand the others’ point of view and their willingness to compromise.

Many couples find it difficult to handle situations during periods of hardship. Communication suffers, and feelings are often misguided and misplaced. But rest assured there is treatment for this type of issue- couple counseling in Tarzana with a licensed therapist who offers trusted therapy programs, can help guide couples to smoother roads. Learning how to work together during difficult turning points can strengthen your relationship. If you are ready to address your relationship, why wait? Get in touch with one of the most experienced relationship counselors in Tarzana to overcome tough times and lead a healthy relationship with your partner.

The tools that a certified marriage counselor and family therapist provides go well beyond simply airing out your differences of opinion. It bestows building blocks that lead to a much brighter future together.

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