Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy in
Canoga Park

Canoga Park residents have been looking for a qualified therapist to help with personal problems. Alice Dollinger may be the therapist they have been waiting for.

Alice Dollinger began her private practice in Encino working with a wide range of diagnoses including personality disorders, parenting, depression, autonomy vs. dependency, obsessive/compulsive disorder, personality disorders, relationships and workplace dilemma.

She began by establishing “Woman to Woman,” a program of workshops that helps women navigate their way through various problems and relationships.

Her practice naturally evolved into working with couples and helping them in the spirited struggle that two people share as they journey through life together.

She graduated from California State University, Northridge with a bachelor in Art in Psychology. She earned her Masters of Art in marriage and family counseling from California Family Study Center.

She is certified in the use of EMDR, Eye movement desensitization reprocessing, which benefits clients who have post-traumatic experiences that are causing flashbacks and distress.

If you live in the Canoga Park area call 818-990-3334 to speak with Alice and set up your appointment.