Let your child know what is expected of him at home. Be clear about what your rules and expectations are while also expressing what the consequence are if not followed. As a parent your expectations need to be age appropriate while focusing on your child’s behavior rather than on his attitude.

You can help your child with his dislikes by acknowledging his feeling and by explaining that the rules in this house say he must take responsibility and complete the task at hand. It is a mistake to try to get your child to “want” to do the task or to “ like” to do what is asked of him. He needs to fulfill his obligation even when he doesn’t like the rule or feel that it’s not fair. He is entitled to disagree but he is obligated to follow the rules of the house.

It is fine for a child to start and then stop an expressed interest, that’s how they learn what fits for them. They must be allowed to try things without having to continue if it’s not a good fit. Trust yourself and your child to pick and choose what works for them as long as it’s done responsibly and with a plan in mind.

It is your job, as a parent to teach the skills your child will need in order to navigate his way through life. Being able to adapt to different situations is an important lesson that is learned through trial and error. Don’t try to get him to be “realistic”, instead focus on getting your child to meet his responsibilities, his homework, chores, and curfew. These are the skills they will need to be responsible adults as they enter the world. A successful life depends on attitude and the willingness to do what is needed to get the job done.

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Alice’s goal is to help her client’s learn to make conscious choices rather than repeating the same old behavior and expecting a different outcome.


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