Depression and Anxiety Therapy in
Los Angeles

Women in Los Angeles have learned to find meaning in life by fulfilling the expectations of others. They have become experts at anticipating the needs of those who surround them. But what happens when she wants something for herself? How does she reconcile her wants and needs with the demands of those who depend on her never-ending availability? These Los Angeles women have been dutiful daughters, a loving and supportive wife, the ever giving mother and the true blue friend or work mate who doesn’t know how to say no when asked for a favor. In exchange for this life of giving she gives up bits and pieces of herself. She may feel guilty even entertaining thoughts, which put her wants or needs first. Many women never developed the art of taking care of themselves or even knowing what it is they want. These things can be developed in individual or group therapy.

The thought of me first or even me too conjures up images of a selfishness. Los Angeles women have always drawn strength and courage from one another through sharing ideas, feelings and experiences in group or individual therapy. Through an introduction of new ideas, Los Angeles women are encouraged to practice personal growth. Growth through counseling. A woman can learn to overcome feelings of “guilt” that have paralyzed her individual growth and kept her from living and loving guilt free.